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Now that's a calm before a storm...

Now that's a calm before a storm...

I've been getting asked about it in the newsroom all morning Wednesday as staff look out our windows to blazing sunshine here in Seattle: "Is the storm still coming?" "What about the winds?".  

Yes, the storm was still coming, although I have to say this might qualify for one of the most stark calm periods before a storm that I can remember.  Driving in to work today you could almost see every speck of Mt. Rainier, compared to times when there's just a few showers around and Rainier hides for a week. Temperatures at noon around Seattle were in the mid 60s with the sun still out.  Meanwhile, rain was falling just south of Olympia and heading this way.

I guess this is a factor of what happens when you try to sneak a wind storm into late spring -- you're fighting a propensity for a sunny day.

Anyway, here is a larger photo of a visible satellite image taken at noon. Note how clear it is over Seattle and how...not so clear it is over Olympia.  Hopefully people (and boaters in particular) don't get caught off guard by the sunshine and ignore the forecasts of stronger wind and rain for the afternoon.