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A "showers and sunbreaks" mix of blog topics

A "showers and sunbreaks" mix of blog topics

I've had a few blog tidbits I've been meaning to get to this week, but took a back seat due to the storm.

First up: If you thought the 16 degree drop in one hour in Everett was amazing on Monday, check out what happened last week at Pine Springs Guadelupe Mountains National Park in western Texas. At 8 a.m. on May 14, it was 56 degrees with a light rain falling. A wind shift occurred and by 11 a.m. it had warmed to 80 degrees with a 30 mph wind from the southwest. In the next couple hours, it warmed to 85 degrees with 45 mph winds.

By 7 p.m it was 81 degrees with an 11 dew point for a relative humidity of just 7%.

** The next hour** the wind shifted back to the northeast and gusted to 45-55 mph, and the temperature plummeted to 59 with a dew point of 55 -- now a relative humidity of 87%. That would be like someone had invented the Star Trek transporter, and you walked in at Phoenix and moments later, you were in Seattle.

Second tidbit: File this under the "Where was this three months ago" category: In mid-May, there is more snow at Vancouver's Cypress Mountain than there was during the Winter Olympics in February.

(Thanks to Mark Albright with the University of Washington for finding these out)

And going with the showers and sunbreaks part of the headline, Dr. Dale Ireland of Silverdale has compiled his time lapse videos this week and so I've posted two really good ones from the storms on Wednesday and Thursday.

Note at the start of the Wednesday one, you can see a multi-layered lenticular cloud

May 19:

May 20:

Have a great weekend!