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Potpourri blog: The new radar, cool photos, and should forecasts STOP SHOUTING?

Potpourri blog: The new radar, cool photos, and should forecasts STOP SHOUTING?

Today is a hodge-podge of blog topics that I've been meaning to get to the past week, but actual weather has been hogging the show :)

New Coastal Radar Coming A Year Early!

Last week, Sen. Maria Cantwell announced that our new coastal Doppler radar will be installed in Sept. 2011 -- a full year earlier than originally planned. NOAA figured instead of having us wait for a new one to be built, they are going to modify an existing radar that the Air Force had been using for military training.

The radar will be given all the new bells and whistles that latest technology can provide, and when it's installed, will be among the most advanced weather radars in the nation.

Prof. Cliff Mass with the University of Washington has been a tireless champion of getting the new radar for the coast and he wrote an excellent article on what happened and what this means for our region.

Still On Elusive Hunt for 75

Tuesday (June 8) puts us in a tie second place for latest day to get to 75 degrees. Assuming we don't get to 75 (and we don't think we will) the record is a given as it's June 9th and highs this Wednesday are expected to drop to near 60 and stay in the 60s through Friday.

So it's not so much a breaking of the record as shattering it to pieces.

When might we hit 75? Our best chances are Saturday and Sunday. At face value the weather charts show low-mid 70s, so 75 will be close. If by chance we make it through the weekend without our 75, it might be a while again as long range models show enough onshore flow to likely keep us under 75 through the following week (although still pleasant, just morning clouds before the sun and closer to 68-72.)

Sun Fans: Glad Those Two Weeks Are Over

With rain on Monday, it marked measurable rain on 13 of the past 14 days in Seattle -- a record for the wettest two-week period in the dry May-September season ever. The 11 consecutive day rain streak tied a record.

Tired of Rain? Could Be Worse: You Could Be In Portland

As wet as it was up here last week, the brunt of the storms were targeted to our south into Oregon.

According to Steve Pierce, the vice president of the Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, Portland Airport saw 3.08" of rain in the first six days of June -- nearly double the average for the entire month. Go back the past two months, and they have received just under 8" of rainfall, or about 0.21" per day on average, Pierce said.

Oh, and while we are on "75 watch", they are on "80 watch" as they are mirroring our record in a sense for latest first 80 degree day there, also June 9th, and just like us, they aren't expecting 80 any time soon.

Should Government Weather Forecasts STOP SHOUTING?!?!

The National Weather Service is asking for input on whether they can stop using ALL CAPS when issuing forecasts and weather warnings. This dates back to historical times when forecasts were displayed on ticker systems, but now that we're into the 21st Century, they figure they might be able to go back to sentence case.

Anyway, they are asking for the general public to take a survey to give your opinion.

Cool Weather Photos

And to finish off the blog, take a look at these two photos sent into the weather bin over the past few days:

"Scott A." captured this couple dealing with the rain in a way only a Seattleite can:

And Nathaniel Middleton took this photo of building anvil cumulonimbus clouds bubbling over Eastern Washington: