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'Juneuary' a more apt name for this month than you might think

'Juneuary' a more apt name for this month than you might think
We've been focusing on how cool this spring has been so far as we enter Day 261 since the last time we hit at least 75 degrees. But actually what might be more noticeable is how often it has rained.

We already tied one record for consecutive days with rain in the dry season (May-Sept.) with 11 in a row from May 25-June 4th. And perhaps lost in the shuffle is a second 8-day streak from the 16th to the 23rd leading up to it that itself ties for fourth longest.

But put it all together, and in the 27 days since May 16th, it has rained on 25 of them, with our only dry days coming on May 24 and June 5. That is completely unheard of for this time of year -- and a wet stretch like that is actually not all that common during the rainy season either.

In fact, even if you toss in the four dry days before the 16th and give it a full month back, can you guess the last time we had a month with 25 days or more of measurable rain?*

My first thought was November 2006 when we smashed the record for wettest month on record with 15.63" of rain. But no, it "only" rained on 22 days that month (just a lot heavier). No, you have to go back to January of 2006 which had 28 of 31 days with rain. That's also, not coincidentally, when we had our infamous 27 day rain streak that made national headlines.

(* OK, I admit the stat is a little apples and oranges because in this case, I'm taking a 30-day period and comparing it month-to-month, but not comparing it to other 30-31 day periods in between months. So it is possible we have had a stretch of 25 rainy days within a 31 day period bridging across two months, but I don't have the research tools to easily go and compare.)

And we weren't all that far off from matching that 27-day streak this time, which had that happened would have stood for centuries as top rainy streak in the dry season, I would gather. The rain on June 5th began just before 5 a.m. A few hours earlier, and that 11 day streak is now a current 18 day streak. May 24th was the driest period we've seen -- it was in the middle of a 49 hour dry period between rain stopping at 8 a.m. on the 23rd and not starting again until 9 a.m. on the 25th.

Anyway, it looks like the rain is wrapping up for a while, but the relatively cool weather is sticking around, not counting Saturday. But how long will this cool air stick around? I'm writing up a quasi-summer outlook blog entry for Monday (I promise! I know, I said I'd do this earlier in the month, but it's been busy :) )