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Warm Saturday… but not warm enough to shut us up

Warm Saturday… but not warm enough to shut us up
Sun sets at Ocean Shores, June 12, 2010 (By YouNews contributor Skylark30)
Saturday was far and away the sunniest, warmest day we've seen so far since last September, but believe it or not, it wasn't warm enough to end the streak that has us forecasters both mesmerized and perplexed.

The high temperature on Saturday was just 74 degrees, one painstaking degree short of ending all this talk about latest date we've ever hit 75, which is now stands at three days later than the original record…and counting.

And running the long range models out through late June doesn't show any slam dunk events that will get us over 75 again. Sunday through most of next week is solidly in the 60s.

We will have a few marginal chances toward the end of the week and next weekend to hit that magic 75 as the pattern set up is similar to this past Saturday plus we'll be another week farther toward summer so that might be good enough to get that bonus degree.

But it's certainly not a certainty, and this record could stretch close to July at this rate, an incredible feat, and still to give us something to chat about in the normally boring June weather pattern :)