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Traditional... and not so traditional rainbow photos

Traditional... and not so traditional rainbow photos

This past week or so has been a virtual Wikipedia entry on the refractive properties of water vapor. Astute photographers have captured a myriad of rainbows around the Puget Sound area -- each formed in a different way.

First up is this great rainbow cloud that was spotted over Mt. Rainier by YouNews contributor mlcarter93.

This one is formed by ice crystals in that cloud acting like tiny prisms to refract the light into the colors of the rainbow.

Next up is a rarer Parhelia photo. Liem Bahneman captured this from Timbercrest Junior High while watching his son's soccer practice.

Liem is a frequent contributor of great weather photos and says this was one of the brightest parhelia's he has ever seen. The great site Atmospheric Optics has more information on how these form.

And finally, how about something more traditional?

David Standiford captured this rainbow over North Bend on Tuesday:

Have a great -- and safe -- Fourth of July weekend!