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Soggy 4th was one of worst weather-wise in Seattle

Soggy 4th was one of worst weather-wise in Seattle
Photo: Dr. Dale Ireland

After a string of very nice Fourth of July's, including last year's near-perfect upper 70s, we were probably due for a clunker. And factoring in the gloomy extended spring, it made sense to think it would leak into early July. Sure enough, one person has calculated it was the 12th worst Independence Day for weather since 1948.

David Obelcz has created an index based on a myriad of data, not only calculating temperature and rainfall, but giving weight to day of the week and how holidays fare.

Here is what he found:

"Having a day off I pulled the prelim weather data and ran the numbers.  There is no way to candy coat the weather of the last six to eight weeks.  After one of our worst Junes in history the trend has continued and we’ve had one of our worst 4th of July’s.  This was probably amplified due to the great run on the 4th we’ve had for most of the decade.  Seven of the ten 4th of Julys of the last decade have been above average and 2005 and 2007 were two of our nicest 4th on record.  The last time we had rain on the 4th of July?  Believe or not, 2006!

"It wasn’t just the rain.  We’ve had three rainy 4th of July’s that came in above average.  We had a wet 4th,  our fifth wettest 4th of July since weather records were kept at Sea-Teac.  We had our 6th coolest 4th of July, ever.  We can’t even take comfort in the warm blanket of clouds we had in the evening, as we had the 14th coldest low this 4th of July also.  So take cool, take wet, and have it on a Sunday (because the weekend gets more weight) and you get the 12th worst 4th of July since 1948."

Here is his chart:

Incidentally, I was in Port Angeles visiting family and it was quite sunny up there, if not very windy (gusting 20-30 mph) -- had to feed that Convergence Zone that soaked Seattle.