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Guess who almost had a colder June than Seattle? Hint: It's in California

We had a lot of fun with our statistics when we were wading through our big spring chill -- even pointing out several usually colder cities like Anchorage and Oslo that had hit 75 before we did.

But did you know there was a city in Southern California that was nearly as cold as we were? San Diego's Lindbergh Field reported an average high temperature of just 67.3 degrees between June 6 and July 5. To compare, Seattle was just at 65.9 degrees for an average high of the same period.

But get this: San Diego just had 6 days during that period that were at 70 or warmer, with the hottest day at 71.

Seattle? We had 7 days at 70 or warmer with a 77 degree day tossed in (not counting the 78 we registered on Tuesday.)

They did beat us in lack of rain though: 2.03" for Seattle compared to 0.02" for San Diego.

(And it's not like San Diego has went forever before their first hot day -- they had some upper 70s and even 80s in February and March, courtesy of Santa Ana winds.)

Why would San Diego be so cloudy, yet so dry? It's what they call the "June Gloom", which affects most of the Pacific Coast. It's the transition as the weather warms but the Pacific Ocean remains cool. The warm air condenses as it cools near the ocean surface and turns into low clouds -- the "marine layer".

It gets carried ashore by a west wind that typically blows to replace the hot air rising from the inland desert areas.

(Thanks to UW Research Meteorologist Mark Albright for pointing out the San Diego anomaly.)