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Planned an outdoor event for July 30? You did your homework

Planned an outdoor event for July 30? You did your homework

I'm not sure if there is a reverse of Murphy's Law, but the National Weather Service got lucky here I bet. The NEXRAD radar that covers Western Washington from Camano Island broke down on Thursday and technicians figure it'll be out until sometime Friday afternoon.

But boy, if you were ever to pick a day to not have a radar, July 30 is the day. Today marks the statistically driest day of the year -- as in it has only rained 9 times in the past 117 years (make it 118) on this date -- or just a 7.7 percent rainfall rate.

(Not to be outdone, August 4th is a in tie with also just 9 days of rain, the only two dates on our chart still in single digits.)

Yes, if you look at the chart, this time of year - the last week of July and first week of August -- is typically our peak of the dry season and summer. It's why the big SeaFair events are scheduled for now -- they know it's their best shot at getting by dry.

The wettest day? November 19 with 87 days of rain over 117 years -- although I hope that is still correct. It seems suspicious that the number sticks out so far (second wettest date: 81 for Nov. 15 and most of the other dates are in the upper 60s/low 70s.)

Now, if you're looking for rain, head into Eastern Washington (surprise!) as they are dealing with afternoon and evening thunderstorms. And since it's Friday and I try to do something in the neat photo/video world to hold over the weekend, here is some video of a thunderstorm that blew through Wenatchee on Thursday.

Not exciting enough? How about this random big hail storm that struck Melboure, Australia in March (Thank you, YouTube "related" videos:)