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An EF-"Achoo"? Cottonwood fluff, swirling winds make for cool 'tornado' video

Spring time brings sunshine, decreasing showers, and tons and tons of pollen.

Sometimes it's so much pollen it appears to make its own weather patterns.

Check out this video (above) by Andy Walgamott from Tukwila.

"The big cottonwoods along the Green/Duwamish River behind my office have been producing cotton like crazy the last week and a half," he said. "The L shape of our building appears to trap much of it in a corner. We literally have a skiff of 'snow' on the grass, and earlier this week I captured blowing and drifting cotton."

It's a good illustration of the swirling winds that are around us every day but we never really notice without anything in the wind.

I found another instance on YouTube of something similar:

And then, one of my favorite swirling wind videos of all time: The Beer Can Tornado! Filmed by our photographer Doug Pigsley on Dec. 15, 2008 in Downtown Seattle:

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