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Seattle: 75 days of sun, followed by 75 days of rain

Seattle: 75 days of sun, followed by 75 days of rain

There are some amazing coincidences in life -- like the time the person in front of you ordered the exact same seven-adjective latte at the coffee house.

Mother Nature just whipped up a shocker for Seattle -- perfectly balancing our summer dry streak with an autumn rain streak.

And I mean perfect.

Going over the past 75 days counting back from Dec. 26 to Oct. 12, Seattle has had at least some sort of rainfall on 68 of those days, including the past 18 days, which is good for a tie for 9th longest streak in Seattle (Sea-Tac) history. (Had it rained on Dec. 8, we would have a 29-day wet streak which would be second-longest behind 1953's 33-day streak).

But then if you go back the next 75 days to July 30, it has been totally dry on -- you guessed it -- 68 of those days. That included a 48-day dry streak which was good for second-place all time. (So the only way this could have been even better was a smidge of rain on the 8th for dual 2nd place rain/dry streaks in the same year).

Sure, there's the law of averages and all that, but I can't think of any other time Seattle has gone straight from one extreme to the other for such an extended period and to balance it out so perfectly.

And I'm not sure what to expect the next 75 days, but lo and behold just as that 75 day wet period ends Wednesday the pattern is drying out for a while.