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Mother Nature's 'greatest hits': Weather Blog's video highlight reel

Mother Nature's 'greatest hits': Weather Blog's video highlight reel

I had the honor in early June to make a presentation at the annual Mariners Weather Education Day at Safeco Field before their mammoth 16 inning game against the Chicago White Sox.

This year, as in years past, I compiled some of my favorite photos and videos from this blog over the past year or so. 

From intricate lightning strikes, to a tornado that crashes a Kansas wedding, to what 3 feet of snow looks like boiled down to just a few seconds, to what happens when you suddenly spring a 58 mph wind squall on an unsuspecting grounds crew at a Knoxville minor league game, Mother Nature sure has had her moments this year.

If you want to find out more information or see the full length of the videos featured within, I've provided links below to the original blog entries where they came from. Enjoy!


Space Needle fog
Space Needle snow
Lenticular Cloud over Mt. Rainier
Annular Eclipse projected on garage
Double Rainbow near Everett
Nighttime Mt. Rainier time lapses
Northern Lights time lapses
Frozen Chicago firefighters gallery
Melted dew on spider web gallery
Views from the International Space Station
New England Blizzard in time lapse
Projecting Dr. Suess' "Lorax" on New England blizzard


Alien like supercell storm cloud
Slow motion lightning
Lightning upstages cruise entertainment
International Space Station Lightning
Everett waterspout
Waterspout spotted near Italy
Cape Disappointment waves
Waves attack England lighthouse


Weird ice flood & snow lawn mower
Wedding Tornado in Kansas
"Beer Can Tornado"
Godzilla attacks East Coast Superstorm
Tennesee Smokies "Tarp-Nami"

2012 Presentation
2011 Presentation