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So much food!

Hi, again! You've seen my pictures from the Oosterdam -- even the behind the scenes ones from the kitchen! Isn't it incredible? Hard to believe there's more than 90 chefs onboard one ship alone. But you've got to have a lot of people feeding thousands of passengers onboard. So, how much food is loaded week by week onboard an average 7 night cruise?

 25,000 pounds of beef 

10,000 pounds of chicken

350 pounds of crab

2,100 pounds of lobster

25,000 pounds of fresh vegetables

15,000 pounds of potatoes

20,000 pounds of fresh fruit

3,500 gallons of milk

10,000 dozen eggs

6,000 pounds of sugar

4,000 pounds of rice

2,500 pounds of coffee

2,000 pounds  of cookies

3,000 tea bags

10,000 bottles/cans of beer

...and the list goes on and on. No wonder there's more than 90 chefs onboard. And tons more bartenders, too. One things for sure -- you won't go hungry :)

Onboard Holland America’s Oosterdam

Onboard Holland America’s Oosterdam

This is one of 15 ships belonging to Seattle's own, Holland America Line. What a lovely ship! She (that's how ships are referred to -- female) weighs in at 82,000 tons and has more than 10 decks. Yes -- it's a BIG ship, but not the biggest to cruise out of Seattle. I'll show you which ship that is coming up at a later date -- but in the meantime, let's look at the Oosterdam. Along with the sister, the Westerdam -- she sails out of Pier 91 (near Magnolia) every weekend on a 7 night cruise to Alaska. During the winter months, the Oosterdam heads south -- as in the South Pacific and Australia! What stood out to me are the classic lines and the feel of a true old-fashioned ocean liner -- while have modern amenities.

Take a look at the pics I took onboard -- especially the behind the scenes of the galley. Did you know there are 90 chefs onboard?! Wow -- and the food was remarkable! Yes, I took a picture of my dessert :)

Dancing with the Stars... at sea!

Dancing with the Stars is one of TV's most popular reality shows -- and one cruise line is giving you the chance to be a star, at sea! Holland America Line is having competitions on EVERY one of its ships -- including the Westerdam and the Oosterdam (which leave out of Seattle).

Welcome aboard the KOMO Cruise Control

Welcome aboard the KOMO Cruise Control

Hello! For those who don't know me -- I'm Seth Wayne -- the morning weather anchor here on KOMO 4 News. When I'm not on the air, I'm either researching a cruise, walking along the waterfront and checking out the ships -- or on a cruise itself.