Shannon's Piadinis

By Shannon O'Donnell

There is a sweet little restaurant chain in the San Francisco Bay Area called 'Tomatina', and when my Mom was visiting me there at some point, we stopped in their Walnut Creek store for a little break from shopping.  The cute cafe sells traditional pizzas and pastas, but my Mom and I both ordered a 'piadine'...and fell in love!  The piadinis are essentially cool, crispy salads served atop warm pizza dough...you eat them by folding them over like a sandwich.  Truly to die for...try them!

Here is my version of a 'piadine', but you can pretty much make whatever kind of a little salad you'd like, then fold it into some flatbread.  While Tomatina uses pizza dough, I bought naan to use instead, and with great results.  The last few times I've baked my own pizza dough, but using the naan was MUCH for time-efficient (and you know I'm all about THAT these days...!)



*  8-12 ounces arugula...I buy the organic pre-packed 'rocket' mix from my local grocery
*  12-16 baby tomatoes, chopped
*  1/4 red onion, finely sliced
*  4 ounces crumbled bleu cheese
*  Bleu cheese vinaigrette, to taste

*  1 package of naan...about 4 flatbread


1)  Mix salad ingredients and toss with dressing as desired.
2)  Meantime, heat up the naan for a few minutes in a conventional or toaster oven (DON'T use a microwave...what you gain in time you'll lose in quality!).
3)  Scoop some salad into each warm naan and serve immediately.  Remember, fold it to eat...like a sandwich!

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