Ravioli Maruzza


By Shannon O'Donnell

My dear friend Brandyn gives the most wonderful, thoughtful gifts...many years ago, she surprised me with a cooking class at what was then the Bon Marche' (now of course, it's Macy's).  The class I took was headed up by the Chef of the Assagio Restaurant in Seattle.  I'm not a huge fan of mushrooms, but one of the recipes he demonstrated was Ravioli Maruzza...mushrooms aplenty.  It won me over...the combination with the demi-glace is delicious, and this dish makes for a quick yet elegant winter supper.


*  1 T butter
*  1/4 cup porcini mushrooms, sliced (use dry if out of season...you reconstitute for awhile in water, then can boil your ravioli in that water for extra mushroom flavor)
*  1 cup wild mushrooms (like chantrelles, oyster, etc.), sliced
*  2 oz marsala
*  2 oz barolo wine
*  2 oz demiglace (reduced veal stock...pretty easy to find now in the soup aisle)
*  1/2 cup heavy cream
*  1/4 cup green onion, sliced (use greens, not whites)
*  18-20 pieces cheese-filled ravioli
*  salt & pepper to taste
*  shaved parmesan
1)  Cook ravioli al dente.  Use 'mushroom water' to boil pasta if you used dried mushrooms and had to 'reconstitute' them...gives the pasta an even deeper flavor.
2)  In a large saute' pan, melt butter over medium heat.  Add mushrooms and sauted 3-5 minutes.
3)  Add in the wines and demiglace.  Let simmer a minute or so.  Lower heat and add in cream and onions.
4)  Toss with ravioli, then season with salt and pepper.  Dress with parmesan.

Serves 4.  I usually double!

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