By Shannon O'Donnell

My best friend Roz moved here from Iran when she was five.  While we were growing up, I remember that she and her Mom often made snickerdoodle cookies, and while they were good, they were lacking that little 'something' that kicks a snickerdoodle's flavor up beyond the typical sugar cookie.  What is that ingredient?  Cream of Tarter, or course!  But, lost in translation (with Farsi being their first language), my bestie and her Mom thought that ingredient referred to TARTER SAUCE, and certainly didn't want to add that to their delicious all-American cookies...! 

My son Nicholas loves to help me bake, but isn’t much into making cookies if they don’t include chocolate chips. When he was begging to make cookies recently, I told him that I only had the items on hand to make snickerdoodles. He pulled out some vanilla paste rather than vanilla extract, so we put that in instead. Between that and a good dose of Cream of Tarter and cinnamon, they were fantastic. Not exactly chocolate chips, but little dark flakes, regardless…


1 ½ cups sugar
½ cup softened butter
1 tsp vanilla paste
2 eggs
2 ¾ cups flour
1 tsp cream of tarter (NOT Tarter Sauce, Roz…!)
½ tsp baking soda
¼ tsp salt
2 T sugar
2 T cinnamon
1)       Heat oven to 400°.
2)      In large bowl, beat 1 ½ cups sugar with butter until light and fluffy. Add in vanilla paste and eggs, blend well.
3)      Beat in flour, cream of tarter, baking soda and salt.
4)      In a small bowl, combine the 2 T sugar and 2 T cinnamon.
5)      Shape dough into 1” balls; roll in cinnamon-sugar mixture.
6)      Place 2” apart on ungreased cookie sheets.
7)      Bake at 400 degrees for 8 minutes or until set.
Makes 4 dozen cookies.

Shannon O'Donnell: Rainy Day Cafe


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