1, 2, 3...What Am I? Recipe


By Shannon O'Donnell

I first saw this recipe taped up on my Mother-In-Law's refrigerator many years ago...I think she'd printed it out in hopes of trying it out with future grandchildren one day.  A decade (and then some) later, and that time has come...my kids (6 and 4) are the perfect age for enjoying this food 'experiment', and we gave it a whirl during a trip to her house in Spokane last week.  They had just as much fun MAKING it as they did EATING it, and it's a wonderful cure for boredom on a hot summer day. 

1, 2, 3....What Am I?  Recipe

Step 1
Carefully fill a small (sandwich size) ziplock bag with the following ingredients:
1 cup 2% or whole milk
1 T vanilla flavoring
2 T sugar
2 T evaporated milk
Step 2
Into a large (gallon size) ziplock bag, add the following:
3 BIG handfuls of rock salt
2-3 cups crushed ice
The small, sealed ziplock bag you just filled
Step 3
Shake the bag.  What's happening??
Shake the bag some more.  What's happening now???
When the ingredients in the small bag are thick and creamy,
Use a spoon to eat your treat from the bag!

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