Baghali Polow


By Shannon O'Donnell

I was a very picky eater growing up...for some reason I wouldn't even drink milk at other kid's houses.  But when I met my best friend Roz in my teens, that all changed.  Roz's family is from Iran, and I fell head over heels in love with Persian food.  My absolute favorite dish is Lubia Polow (a saffron spiked rice dish with ground beef and green beans), but this one hits the spot, too.  You really need a rice cooker to make it authentically Persian, especially if you want to create the scrumptious tadeegh (crusty fried rice) at the bottom of the pan.

Baghali Polow (Iranian Lima Bean Rice)


* 3 cups Basmati Rice
* 4 cups water
* 2 cups frozen lima or fava beans
* 6 T oil
* 6 T dried dill weed, or 3/4 cup finely chopped fresh dill weed
* 1 T dried fried onion
* 1 1/2 tsp salt


1)  Rinse and drain rice 2-3 times (this is essential to avoid getting 'sticky' rice).
2)  Put all ingredients in the rice cooker and stir.
3)  Turn on rice cooker and time for 60 minutes (the rice is really done at 30 minutes, but you need 50-60 to get great, crusty tadeegh on the bottom).
4)  15 minutes, in, lift lid and give rice a good stir to evenly distribute beans and dill.  Don't stir after that point, or it won't set correctly!
5)  When rice is done, turn onto a serving plate.

Serves 6-8.

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