Hey, is it going to snow next week/month/year?

This is far and away the most common question we get into the Weather Center e-mail bin. And the best answer we can give is: The technology is not yet available to be able to make a reliable forecast of snow more than a few days in advance. Sorry kids :)

It is just so difficult to snow around the Pacific Northwest, and a number of things must go right (wrong?) for snow to happen around here. The forecasting models rarely can track a snow maker out more than a few days in advance, much less next week or next month.

Oh sure, there are times where the long range models will advertise snow, but more often than not, they change their minds as the day draws nearer, or something else affects the pattern. That's why even though some automated-long-range forecast Web sites might put arctic temperatures on days 7-12, we won't really be convinced until the models are thinking that for days 1-2. Otherwise, it just gets everyone's hopes up (down?) for no reason.

So there's no secrets that we're hiding. If we have any confidence it will snow anytime soon, believe us, we'll mention it in the forecast, both on air and on the Web site. So just keep checking there and think snow! (for those that want it :) )