Weather Web resources for teachers, kids and parents -- including lesson plans

The Internet is a gold mine for teachers and parents alike who wish to give kids an early start on learning about the weather.

We've compiled a few online resources that will help kids learn about weather. Most are geared toward elementary and middle school kids, but there's some for the high school level near the bottom.

Nick Walker's 'Weather Dude' Web Site

Crystal Wicker's Weather Wiz Kids Site

  • Awesome Astronomy

  • Tired Teachers' website

    Middle School Lessons

    Learn About Weather Instruments

    Funology Weather Experiments

    Discovery School Lesson Plans

    The Weather Unit from Univ. of Illinois

    WildWeather.Com Kids Page

    Weather Here And There Lesson Plans

    Predicting Weather Using Weather Maps Lesson

    Weather Terminology Guide

    Weather.About.Com's Weather Terminology Page

    KOMO's "How Do I Become A Meteorologist?" Page

    Google Search For More Lesson Plans

    And, of course, you can e-mail us at with any specific weather questions you might have.