UFO's or Weather related objects?

On 01/01/2011 New Years night at approximately 12:35 am, I step out on my front porch of my west hill Auburn residence in the Camelot neighborhood.
Looking to the east I noticed two glowing objects. They appeared to resemble glowing orange/reddish embers. One was bigger than the other.
My initial thought is that they were flares or fireworks from New Years celebrations,then realized they were not.They were traveling from east to west then a northerly "flow".
If I had to guess an altitude it was approximately 15,000 ft and speed was more of a constant lumbering,if that makes sense, less than that of an airplane.
From the unaided eye they looked unspherical almost rock/asteriod like objects with no contrails.
I had just put my camera away a few minutes prior, so I lost about 30 seconds of vision and video footage running back into house to retrieve the camera.Please excuse the shakiness of the video, I was standing on my front porch looking up and trying not to loose footing and probably not the best video footage. The straight lines in the video are eaves of my house because I was trying to capture some background along with the UFO,s other than dark night sky to depict speed,distance and relevance of objects.
The smaller of the two faded quickly and can only be seen as at first part of video. The second one proceeded in a northerly turn and faded as a star like object. Upon uploading video I noticed the object was perfectly spherical.
They were definitely not airplanes,helicopters or fireworks. I heard one report as a weather station or weather related object, but could not find confirmation on the internet. I am just curious if anybody else saw these objects last night or might confirm any weather related info? And no I did not have too much bubbly on New Years night and seeing things lol.

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Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Jan 2 at 5:01 PM

ya we have seen and done them and our first year seeing them werent sure what they were but im pretty sure they are Lanterns. :)

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Jan 3 at 12:14 PM

Just after midnight, on new years eve, In north Seattle I saw something similar, but what I saw was 3 lights, in a triangle shape, NOT fireworks, or a plane, or lanterns, what was going on?

Anonymous says ... on Saturday, Dec 31 at 11:04 PM

very strange though...they ARE UFO's because they are unidentified...just after midnight! Happy New Year! What are they?

bee says ... on Friday, Sep 9 at 4:46 PM

I saw the orange lights in cabo 2 times what is it

tyler says ... on Friday, Jan 7 at 5:13 PM

their was 7 of them kinda in the shape of big dipper they slowly drifted up then disappeared my parents thought they were hot air balloons or flares on balloons i didn't think so

tyler says ... on Friday, Jan 7 at 5:02 PM

i saw 7 of them in south everett WA i called my parents they saw them me and my friend pulled over and a car pulled up next to us asking what the hell they were it was kinda creepy at first

jeneilz says ... on Thursday, Jan 6 at 6:23 PM

there was no fade away they. just flashed ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,gone

jeneilz says ... on Thursday, Jan 6 at 6:14 PM

we av ad many quakes n tremors lasr few days.................they r not normal,infact the first 4 a few ppl? wat the score eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u know we know u know

jeneilz says ... on Thursday, Jan 6 at 5:59 PM

i sense ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they knew we knew

jeneilz says ... on Thursday, Jan 6 at 5:59 PM

these events happened within 3 day ov each other ..............we av seen stuff b4 n took no notice ,,,,,,,,,balony n all that x

jeneilz says ... on Thursday, Jan 6 at 5:57 PM

these things didnt drift.............left righ up down following wind,they knew where they were going n where 2 nxt im telling ya

jeneilz says ... on Thursday, Jan 6 at 5:50 PM

i neva sa\id wat i (we) saw ..............was 1 silver solid ball that split into 2 then flashed silvery white/greeny blue... was neva orange floated or wateva ballons n lanterns do.......went right above my home.............n 2 wards hatfield.......

jeneilz says ... on Thursday, Jan 6 at 5:46 PM

? oh the answers 2 my questions , wat wud they b? there the same as now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we know wat we saw !!!!!!!!!!photos on cam and phone did nothing just look like rainbows so kp looking cos they r there xx

jeneilz says ... on Thursday, Jan 6 at 5:44 PM

i asked ? do u still see? both replied YES, i stirred even more in my seat. it wasnt me (just me) neva mind neighbours,with no proof, these ppl were in my car ,hubby 22222222222222..........omg wat do u see?

jeneilz says ... on Thursday, Jan 6 at 5:42 PM

i followed wat looked like a (fire in sky) twice!!!!!!!!!!! 3rd time, wi hubby n friend.both ov em shi t thereselves .............after we saw same lights in field with our headlights focused on object n was lower than ne ov us ad seen it so fa

jeneilz says ... on Thursday, Jan 6 at 5:35 PM

im scared ov wat ppl will do 2, i dont know wat 2 do!

jeneilz says ... on Thursday, Jan 6 at 5:33 PM

omg ,ur not all wrong,but gonna take 4 eva n more than wat we say,...2 make pplcome 2geva enuf 2 do sumat other than this

jeneilz says ... on Thursday, Jan 6 at 5:32 PM

there monsters man, there out there !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i seen sumat real weird n wud neva explain wat was .................but 2 say i saw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...............i just wanna express this,but cant grrrrrrrrr

Eileen says ... on Thursday, Jan 6 at 3:05 AM

At this moment in time it is possible that they are local UFOs.

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Jan 4 at 11:50 PM

@Sarah - You should get out more! They're real.

Sarah says ... on Tuesday, Jan 4 at 9:01 PM

Wow, you guys are real stupid. See how its flickering? thats because there A CANDLE inside it. Its a chinese lantern trust me. I didnt get out last new years eve I was spending it inside. but WOW I cant believe you didnt see that its a CANDLE

Danele says ... on Tuesday, Jan 4 at 8:24 AM

We saw three orange lights at approximately 9:30 PST on New Years Eve. They were to the east of us and it was difficult to estimate how far away they were. One of the lights zoomed off at a rapid speed and then returned before they all left.FREAKY

Shane says ... on Monday, Jan 3 at 7:10 PM

This light however didn't stay in a constant west to east pattern like the first light. This light ascended very quickly from east to west. It began very bright, but got so high in the sky that I couldn't hardly see it. CRAZY! I have pictures also.

Shane says ... on Monday, Jan 3 at 7:08 PM

This light didn't stay in a constant west to east pattern, like the first light, but ascended very rapidly. The light was extremely bright at first, as was the first light, but got so high I could barely make it out. CRAZY STUFF! I have pictures also

Shane says ... on Monday, Jan 3 at 7:05 PM

After seeing this light with a few people around me at the bar, I proceeded to head back to my hotel. After returning to my hotel, I looked back in the sky where an identical redish-orange light was above our building. This must have been the second.

Shane says ... on Monday, Jan 3 at 7:04 PM

I saw this exact same thing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I was downtown in front of a bar when I saw a flickering redish-orange light. This light proceeded to streak across the sky, with great speed, from west to east, before fluttering out.

Xandrius says ... on Monday, Jan 3 at 1:19 PM

My friend in Norway also saw these lights, they came 2 and 2 at a time and he saw about 20 of them on new years eve. I have seen the pictures of them and they dont look like chinese lanterns. They have been seen in sweden as well.

joe s. says ... on Monday, Jan 3 at 12:52 PM

I live in Detroit MI and I also saw them! Once between 9 and 10pm and again around 11:30pm. The first looked to be stationary in the northern sky and the second moving South to North! Both had a constant red glow and blinking orange light!

Anonymous says ... on Monday, Jan 3 at 11:05 AM

I live in St. Louis Missouri and my family and i saw the same thing. I do not believe they were chinese laterns. They came from opposite directions and headed to the same spot. I am curious as to what they truly were as well.

trinity22552 says ... on Sunday, Jan 2 at 9:36 PM

No thai stick! jethed! Thought you wanted to know what you saw? There lanterns,look on you tube.

Researcher says ... on Sunday, Jan 2 at 2:06 PM

Lights don't equal aliens. Lights that move fast, change direction, and don't make a sonic boom...well now you're closer, other than the electrogravitic craft we developed from the Nazis (look into it...one ex-Nazi was NASA's flight director).

Trudi says ... on Sunday, Jan 2 at 1:32 PM

This is so a chinese lantern we had many many in the sky on New years eve around here, south coast UK. There's seems to be an increasing number of them appear on the internet under the description of UFO's.

B. says ... on Sunday, Jan 2 at 1:08 PM

I saw something very similar to this right around midnight last night (1/1/11). I've been scouring the internet today to see if there is news of anything similar which it what led me here. I too have a video but it is very shaky and dark.

Tommy Norway says ... on Sunday, Jan 2 at 11:25 AM

Hi. that looks like 'chinese lanterns' or similar, here in Norway it is usually sent up by vietnamese or other asiatic people during new year celebration. There was more than 50 of them over Oslo this new years eve.

SpaceCowboy says ... on Sunday, Jan 2 at 10:43 AM

My wife and I saw the same in Phoenix AZ in October. News said it was night jumpers holding fireworks. The next night they said it was the Fire department doing night jumps. The next night they said it was the Air Force releasing flares.

Matt says ... on Sunday, Jan 2 at 9:27 AM

Hello, I live in bucks county pennsylvania, around 10:30pm eastern time on January 1, 2011, my girlfriend and I witnessed approximately 100 of these make their way across the sky in a constant stream just a little southeast of Doylestown.

tony says ... on Sunday, Jan 2 at 9:20 AM

well i have a friend and he's not from are plant come and goes at the speed of speach not a pritty sight but somepeople are'nt so pritty . we only have to fear is those ho hide the thruth of them for they seek to rob them of the things that can make

Jim says ... on Sunday, Jan 2 at 8:21 AM

If someone travels at the speed of light (Which to get here from another galaxie In any timeframe) or possibly at mock 3 light speed, how would we track it entering our atmosphere. Except for a big bang?

jethed says ... on Sunday, Jan 2 at 12:15 AM

lumbering was a sense of speed pinchi Kulo, might not be there style but could be yours cracker,Graham that is

Graham says ... on Saturday, Jan 1 at 11:25 PM

LANTERN. Candle driven hot air balloon. They are becoming popular. Aliens prefer anti-gravity maneuvers. Lumbering isn't really their style.

jethed says ... on Saturday, Jan 1 at 10:48 PM

trinity22552 was it "thai stick" or the lantern that had you perplexed grasshopper?lol I will look for the "lanterns" next time I am @ Walmart. From my perspective,they are unidentified and they are flying flippen objects

trinity22552 says ... on Saturday, Jan 1 at 8:26 PM

Sorry to say these are not ufo's.I live in thailand we have these chinese lanterns all the time in the sky.I have to admit the first time i saw one of these i thought the same thing.

Misty says ... on Saturday, Jan 1 at 7:21 PM

I saw exactly the same thing jethed!! Me & my husband were driving home last night from Yelm & I pointed it out to him. I watched it from Vail Rd, then on to Bald Hills Rd where I ended up losing sight of it because the hills got in the way.

jethed says ... on Saturday, Jan 1 at 6:01 PM

jennalynn, love! Mason County and the Canal, but as the crow flies, the objects were 80 to 90 miles away(theoretically) and traveling north,cheers

jethed says ... on Saturday, Jan 1 at 4:03 PM

Mcbroom time was 12:35 am PT, Anonymous UK? that is along way from my vantage point,!!lol And CengO what was your vantage point and you said you took video?bust it out!

jennalynn says ... on Saturday, Jan 1 at 4:02 PM

my dad and i had seen the same thing only we live in belfair,wa. from where we were, there was a blue light with it..but on this one i don't see any blue lights...

jethed says ... on Saturday, Jan 1 at 3:55 PM

I forgot to mention actual size in the night sky of these objects, the larger one about .32 when an actual star or planet measures .01 to .09(measurement in tenths of an inch) The video does lack of justice to actual vision of said objects.

Anonymous says ... on Saturday, Jan 1 at 3:30 PM

I'm curious did you see them at about 9:00 P.M.? and did they disappear? David McBroom

Anonymous says ... on Saturday, Jan 1 at 3:26 PM

I saw a couple of these from my roof window too over here in the UK. Some people theorize they might just be chinese lanterns, but i still feel open to there being other reasons behind these orange lights.

Ceng0 says ... on Saturday, Jan 1 at 2:47 PM

Hi, 01/01/2011 around 12.05 am until 3.00 am i was witnessed exatly same UFO's there were so many 1 is going another one coming. I managed take some video footage is well. There were seen all around the world but as usual no news on tv

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