Rainbow around the sun

Chemtrail Fallout

Photo - Shoreline, WA

Chemtrail fallout causing rainbow around the sun.

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Eric says ... on Tuesday, May 21 at 7:06 PM

"you aren't seeing what you are seeing-don't pay attention to the man behind thecurtain"Tom, you probably think Al Qaeda brought down the the twin towers and vaccinations are beneficial.Tom, go to your doctor for some drugs and go back to your tv!

wow wee says ... on Sunday, Aug 14 at 2:33 PM

PEOPLE LOOK IT UP! It's not hard..... youtube: What on earth are the spraying on us. Its about 1 1/2 hrs long. All I can say is WOW!Crazy stuff..... Get informed ..... Ask questions and find the answers. Only u can find the answers u r looking for.

D. Forkleheimer says ... on Tuesday, Jul 19 at 7:24 PM

As of the last several weeks our paper wasps abandoned their nests. There are no yellow jackets or bald faced hornets around. The bumblebees act like they are frozen.....Its probably just the weather eh? Maybe something much more frightening.

SpaceCowboy says ... on Sunday, Jan 2 at 10:51 AM

Jan 1, 2011 Seattle dosed good. I posted picture yesterday.

Mira says ... on Wednesday, Nov 10 at 10:46 PM

and did you notice now instantly some "anonymous" person rite aaway decides to discredit the pic and chemtrail like instantly?! thatsz what blew my mind lol

Mira says ... on Wednesday, Nov 10 at 10:45 PM

omg people its soo friggin good to see that somany others are aware of these bs chemtrails!!! talk to me more people please!!

Anonymous says ... on Wednesday, Oct 20 at 12:46 PM

I have noticed the spraying in South and North King as well as Pierce...never seen any over the eastside. Poisoning the poor people. Figures

Anonymous says ... on Sunday, May 9 at 12:59 PM

Happy Mother Day! Heavy spraying over north King with usual Sunday sun halo. Near full coverage of North Seattle and Shoreline.

Winston says ... on Thursday, Apr 15 at 6:45 AM

I have hundred's of photo's & live in a no-fly zone. These are military spray planes. After the spraying you can smell it! They are doing it as I write & people wonder why the bee's are dying. Better wake-up folks, plenty of info on the web!

King / Sno says ... on Thursday, Feb 18 at 1:57 PM

Very heavy chemtrails are being applied over King County right now... ends at Snohomish County line.

Trevor says ... on Thursday, Feb 18 at 2:59 AM

This is not just a curious phenomenon.This aerosol/chemtrail operation is serious business,and most people are completely oblivious to it.Our skies are being degraded and our breathing air fouled with metallic salts,fibers,crystals,polymers,etc.

Trevor says ... on Thursday, Feb 18 at 2:37 AM

These sun "rainbows" ARE a result of chemtrails(or aerosols).I`ve been following this phenomenon for a long time,and there is now almost daily sunlight-diffusing haze and silvery white skies,where i live.Our atmosphere has been purposely altered.

Bothell says ... on Tuesday, Feb 2 at 4:59 PM

I've been reading about this and today I watched 2 planes from my bothell home spray and were headed toward everett. The 2nd plane I watched stopped spraying once it got toward everett, the spray just stopped. That was NOT contrails.

Shoreline says ... on Monday, Sep 21 at 2:39 PM

Planes and sundogs in Shoreline today.

Seattle says ... on Tuesday, Aug 11 at 1:03 PM

That pic is of chemtrails. The military and the project is expected to continue for the next 5 years. Aluminum, Barium, 100's of chemicals (some banned by Geneva Convention) are being poured onto us. I am leaving the country.

icee says ... on Monday, Jul 27 at 4:00 AM

WA I have been told by your meterologists seldom gets contrails because of the dry air. so what is going on in WA? This is the State to prove that something indeed is going on..geo engineering the weather, aerosol scattering, watch and be aware

demologik says ... on Thursday, Jul 23 at 10:40 PM

Finally people are waking up. i've been saying this for years! Now is the time for the truth to be told.

eyewitness says ... on Monday, Jul 6 at 8:51 PM

I agree with lock and loaded. The only clouds in the sky over Seattle on the 3rd and 4th were man made. Trails ran north and south, repeated every four hours. I watched the fireworks from Gas Works, trails framed the moon pre-show.

Lock and Load says ... on Saturday, Jul 4 at 8:57 AM

Look at the sky to the east right now they have been spraying since yesterday 7/3/2009. Didnt anyone notice how nice the blue sky was yesterday? Then they hit it hard and at the end of the day we get crappy hazy filtered sun. Its so obvious just look

Come on now KOMO says ... on Monday, Jun 22 at 6:46 AM

this Post has been here long enough. The stupid TMZ Mugshot and this Post, need to go bye bye. This poster here is weird, as well as the guy who somehow collected a sample and sent it to some lab who then called in the FBI. KOMO come on now .....

Brandon says ... on Sunday, Jun 21 at 10:11 PM

Yes, how did your nieghbor collect the samples from 36,000 feet? I smell Bullsh*t....contrails are water vapor and jet exhaust, what's the issue?

Freyr says ... on Saturday, Jun 20 at 7:35 PM

Ra, I like the name. RD, really, how do you collect a sample.

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Jun 18 at 11:47 AM

How do you collect samples at 36,000 feet?

RD says ... on Wednesday, Jun 17 at 11:04 PM

My Neighbor got samples, sent it to a lab. The odd part, 2 FBI field agents showed up at her door inquiring about her actions, and the results were seized before they ever made it. I was there when they showed up. That's all I know.

RD says ... on Wednesday, Jun 17 at 11:01 PM

Interesting that the government has acknowledged chemtrails. Con-trails disappear, they don't make the sky hazy. I haven't seen a PURE blue sky in sometime. What's being dropped, who knows. Maybe ozone related.

humnusa@yahoo.com says ... on Wednesday, Jun 17 at 6:06 PM

The trails criss-cross.For many years now red colored jet planes have left both chem-trails and CO2 trails in the sky causing more rain, fog, snow and "ungodly" cold in our mountain area.I'm sure the storms across the whole US are related. w PicsVids

Danio says ... on Friday, Jun 12 at 9:45 AM

Yall are entertaining

Who Cares says ... on Monday, Jun 8 at 3:34 PM

MilesJerico, Did you post this the way you did to get attention? Maybe not for the cause but for yourself? Just wondered.....It looks like it worked. Great Job

Rosehillskywatcher says ... on Friday, Jun 5 at 7:30 AM

It always cracks me up how quick chemtrail discussions devolve to ridicule. Face it, persistent contrails are signs of massive pollution. And that IS unhealthy. BTW google barium and chemtrail laboratory results.

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Jun 4 at 3:34 PM

DID I SAY WE ARE ALL BEING POISONED?? DID I SAY THE GOVERNMENT WAS BEHIND IT?? You people are the ones running scared... As soon as you saw the word chemtrail you freaked out and starting having a freak'n witch hunt. GET A CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MilesJerico says ... on Thursday, Jun 4 at 3:27 PM

FINE! THERE ARE NO CHEMTRAILS! The moisture in this picture is from jet CONTRAILS... CONTRAILS caused Sunday's sun halo. There would have been NO sun halo without the jet CONTRAILS.. No poison, no chemicals, no clouds.. Just water from CONTRAILS

Tom Jones says ... on Thursday, Jun 4 at 9:59 AM

There are no 'chemtrails', you paranoid bonehead.

Anonymous says ... on Wednesday, Jun 3 at 4:20 PM

The moisture in this picture is from persistent jet contrails - commonly called chemtrails. Heat from jet engines acts as a catalyst and creates clouds -clouds that otherwise would not form- from particulate matter and moisture high in the atmosphere

caitlin says ... on Wednesday, Jun 3 at 12:41 PM

ignorant, except for book's worth of cases the government declassified in the 90's, of incidents they used regular small towns as unknowing test sites to experiment the effects of depleted uranium etc. in the 1950's It's available to the public now

Say NO to tinfoil hats... says ... on Tuesday, Jun 2 at 7:05 PM

Your thinking of CON (condensation) trails. Halo on sun or moon does not mean chemicals are being dumped on your foolish heads,...... Remember this, those people you claim to be dumping it have to breath it too! So enjoy your ignorances.

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Jun 2 at 6:06 PM

That is not a chemtrail. That is a run of the mill halo caused by sunlight interacting - and being refracted - off of high cloud water droplets (or ice crystals).

Ra says ... on Tuesday, Jun 2 at 5:26 PM

Yes, because it's unexplained it just has to be caused by chemtrails and the ebil gubment... Maybe you should try googling "Sun Halo" for more information.

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