Strange Red Lights

Around 9:45pm 12/11/2009 I was going northbound on Beacon Hill Ave. towards Othello St. when a strange red object in the sky catches my attention. At first I assumed it was an airplane, but it was too bright to be an airplane or helicopter. So I hopped out of the car to take a better look. The entire thing glowing red and hoving over I would say the Rainier Beach area. It starts moving towards, the South West Seattle area. At first a steady rate, then accelerating then stopped and hovered there for a moment. Too fast to be a helicopter, no propellers, just really bright red. It makes some strange maneuvers, and starts to fade away. I get back in the car, still northbound. I take a right on Graham and get to the Chief Sealth trail, and the same red object, this time 8 of them, just hovering there in the sky. At first, they were close together, but then started spreading out. All going south. I'm wondering if anyone else saw this?

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skulls says ... on Saturday, Dec 12 at 9:08 PM

First of all I don't see any movement in the video except that of the guy moving the camera. It looks like lights from over a hilltop/elevation in the background.

Mesha54 says ... on Sunday, Dec 13 at 9:03 AM

Why is it so hard for people to believe that we are not alone in this Universe? I am not nuts, I'm just a normal citizen like everyone else. I too have seen a UFO 30 years ago! Three of us saw it.

Katie says ... on Friday, Dec 25 at 11:58 PM

Are you looking at the sky right now? Christmas night, December 25, 2009 at 11:58 p.m. We've been watching these same "objects" for over an hour. I recorded them but don't have the right night equipment.

Katie says ... on Saturday, Dec 26 at 12:02 AM

Those lights are back. Go look in the sky. We've been watching them for about an hour. I recorded it on my video camera - not the right equipment for the night shots, though. Dec 25 2009 from about 10p.m. to midnight. Seven of us have seen them.

Viewer says ... on Sunday, Dec 27 at 10:12 AM

Probably some candle balloons lifting off from a Christmas celebration, thats most likely the conclusion.

Anonymous says ... on Wednesday, Jan 13 at 4:31 PM

Has anyone figured out what those red lights were in Beacon Hill on Dec. 11?

Mike says ... on Friday, Jan 22 at 4:46 PM

UFO means Unidentified Flying Object not Alien Spacecraft. We're probably not alone in this immense universe, but why is it so easy for people to assume a light in the sky means they're here?

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Feb 4 at 12:59 AM

another whacko... I am sure we are not alone but they probably watching our politics and saying f'this planet... they still ahve not changed in the last 50 years...lets goto that cafe on teh other side of the universe I am hungry...

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Feb 9 at 7:18 PM

if you camera has night visions switch it to night vision. If you don't have night vision , then change it to low light. Night vision will also in enhance infra red, . if you can get a tripod.

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Feb 9 at 7:22 PM

oh and todays HD cameras have great digital zoom. Well at least the sony Handy cam Does. what type of camera do you have?

Ochtha says ... on Wednesday, Feb 10 at 8:09 AM

My overlord begs your forgiveness. His spousal being enumerated upon him with a new suxeL star cruiser in celebration of the arrival of the triChs, which he piloted the through your system while utilizing the elevated-illumination modules.

Anonymous says ... on Wednesday, Feb 10 at 10:10 AM

Ochtha, Your overlord is forgiven, except he did not pay the usage toll tax for traversing our system. The usage toll tax is $2.00 in earth system united states dollars. I will give you the $2.00 if you tell me how to build suxel star cruiser ok

Ochtha says ... on Wednesday, Feb 10 at 12:25 PM

Anonymous, during a period in which your star fails to illuminate your earth coordinates, proceed to an area of large plant life of your choosing. Await our arrival and commencement of the probing and exchange of information for currency.

Anonymous says ... on Friday, Feb 12 at 9:55 PM

Ochtha, Waited under branches of 15meter cellulose plant until bright star photons cycled on. Did not detect ur presence in .4 to .7 micrometer range using my 2 organic detectors. Observed strange red lights, money gone, found strange drawing in dirt

just looking says ... on Wednesday, Feb 17 at 11:08 AM

maybe helicopters in formation

UFO says ... on Saturday, Feb 20 at 5:27 AM


Devin says ... on Sunday, Feb 21 at 11:27 AM

thats the big dipper dude, what r u smoking?

MAMAROD says ... on Tuesday, Feb 23 at 10:16 AM


BREANNA says ... on Tuesday, Mar 2 at 6:30 AM


Anonymous says ... on Sunday, Mar 7 at 1:13 AM

Dude!! What you smokin on???

adrianna says ... on Friday, Mar 12 at 8:23 AM

Dynamic energy!!!!!!!

bill says ... on Sunday, Aug 29 at 12:56 AM

my son, me, and my wife all saw similar lights in the sky above the bald hills near yelm, wa. tonight *08*28*10 did not get any pics. about 6 were in a formation, and 5 more were following behind them. this was about 8:45 pm.

shari says ... on Tuesday, Oct 12 at 7:37 AM

i live in oregoncity, last night i saw the same thing in the sky but this one didnt move. it looked like a star with green and red on top of it. it was a very big star with a green light on top and a red light on top of that.what the hell was it?

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Dec 2 at 8:42 AM

Duh! it's Santa and his reindeer!

Anonymous says ... on Sunday, Dec 5 at 11:49 AM

There's nothing there except for a couple of lamp post lights at the bottom of the screen and what appears to be stars in the sky. Red lights, what red lights?

lee98632 says ... on Wednesday, Dec 8 at 9:25 PM

I have one said "Sony Handy Cam". It has a great zoom and the digital zoom is a great. Night vision and low light functions well in HD as well as Standard Definition. Standard Definition is best for net upload. HD is great {Line break}

Anonymous says ... on Wednesday, Dec 8 at 9:27 PM

{continued} HD is a great feature but often sights will re-render the video. It would be best to use a sight that allows HD but remember bandwidth. if you sue YouTube. I haven't tried HD on the new updated sight. best of luck.

Jymmi Sparkz says ... on Thursday, Feb 24 at 7:34 AM

We saw them here in PDX and in Vanc., WA

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, May 3 at 5:44 PM

This just happened to my neighbor and i. we saw 2 of the red lights. later found out people were tieing lanterns to balloons.

freedom raynes says ... on Tuesday, Feb 14 at 12:45 PM

I too was very skeptical regarding the existence of UFO's, however I can truly say they do exist, for I have seen three UFO's in various regions throughout the United States, throughout the past years; including sightings by my family members.

Anonymous says ... on Monday, Jun 18 at 7:14 PM

I think what you may have captured could possibly be an experimental aircraft. There government is starting to test Blimps that use Hydrogen. hard to say.

Anonymous says ... on Friday, Jun 22 at 12:21 PM

Have you ever watched the disney film tangled?? they are floating laterns. I know because my neighbor threw a wedding party across the road and released them. They look exactly like those. May be someone was having a party.

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